to my personal website.
I intend here to introduce the various things I'm doing.
I work on projects in various fields: programming, cooperatives, coworking, creative writing, philosophy, nomadism, open-source, social innovation, law, space exploration, sociology.

My interests include also neurosciences, biology, languages, martial arts, travelling and much more.

But the field that defines me more is the space between them.

Nukomeet is a cooperative of nomad hackers. We are organized like a pirate ship and split our time between coding for clients (Rails, iOS, Node, Python...) and internal ventures.

Coworfing is an open-source app for nomad workers to share the place where they like to work : cafés, coworkings spaces, and even their own home.

Lawve.me is a legal text generator. It is a quick hack made in Sinatra. Creating the app for generating French incorporation documents took me less time than writing my first incorporation document.

Sharelex is a group of lawyers, coders and humans that intend to bring open-source methods and collaborative practices in the making of law and contracts.

Slicecook is a curated coders marketplace. Currently closed only to psd slicing.

Socialter is an online and printed magazine on social innovation. It started as a round the world trip with two friends to offer social media consulting to social innovators in 2009.

I write random thoughts on technology, the impact of internet on society, and the blueness of sky, on a personal blog.

Some reports from the trenches can be found on Nukomeet or Coworfing blogs. I use both blogs to shamelessly promote an another way of working and collaborating.

I write short novels in french that i've put on Github with the foolish hope that random inspired fellow writers will contribute and together we will write the first novels that are crafted like open-source sofware.

If you know french, you can read Les Insomaniaques or Conte pour Enfin .

Prêtre (French) is a philosophy text on personal ascetism in a non dualist world where some views are exposed through analyses of Spinoza, Nietzsche and Foucault.

Cinema après cinéma (French) is a philosophy text on creativity – what is new – that is exposed through an analysis of Deleuze work.

Networks of Social Entrepreneurs in India is a sociology research paper.

RuPy is a European conference on strong and dynamic languages. It started in 2006 with Ruby and Python, and it now aims to promote polyglot programming and exchange between programming communities. Next edition is in Budapest in October.

Flat is an unconference where participants share their best practices and thoughts on flat organizations. Next edition is in June in Paris.

The Nasa Space Apps Challenge is a worldwide hackaton to promote space exploration. I'm helping the Paris team to make it happen in April.

Thank you for your visit!